Pure Mask (3.4 Oz.)


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NEW LARGER SIZE! This miraculous mask works in two ways: first it draws out and neutralizes impurities and pore cloggers , then it imparts nutrients and beneficial minerals deep into epidermal layers to feed skin cells so skin is left effortlessly luminous.

Pure is comprised of detoxifying mineral-rich antioxidant clays that draw impurities and refine skin, fruit enzymes that gently exfoliate dead skin and grime, and ancient beauty botanicals rich in collagen stimulating and damage repairing antioxidants used in traditional Chinese medicine that impart cells with vital nutrients.  The Pure Mask won’t leave skin stripped or irritated, the creamy clay mask will purify skin while also delivering antioxidants, minerals, phyto-nutrients that restore optimal skin health leaving skin calm, glowing, and renewed.

TO USE: Mix 1 teaspoon of powder with 1 teaspoon of water into a creamy paste. Apply to skin and leave until dried (approx. 15 mins.). Rinse off.

Rhassoul clay^^, V. radiata (mung bean) powder*, Australian Beige clay^^, powered R. damascena (rose) petals*, French green clay^^, O. sativa (rice) powder*, Zeolite^^, B. frereana resin^^, S. alba (white willow bark) powder*, A. indica (neem) leaf powder*, Biodynamic fruit enzymes, C. sativus (cucumber) extract*, milk powder*, MSM, Biophotonically Charged Matcha*, C. vulgaris (chlorella), A. linearis (rooibos) extract*, L. barbarum (goji berry), Magnesium



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