Metamorphic Elixir (1.7 Oz.)


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This lightweight, youth-preserving tonic is an essential part of your anti-aging regimen.

This toner blends bioactive flowers and herbal essences to hydrate and rejuvenate skin. Rich in antioxidants, natural retinol alternatives, plant-derived hyaluronic acid and Yuli’s exclusive Vitamin C-rich Eternal Rose Complex, this mist stimulates cell renewal, enhances skin elasticity, boosts collagen synthesis and fades fine lines and age spots.

Metamorphic Elixir treats skin and prepares it for your favorite serum and/or moisture. Regular use yields fresh, luminous, smooth skin.

D-Aloe barbadensis, R. damascena (Rose) hydrolat*, H. italicum (Helichrysum) hydrolat*, B. carterii (Frankincense) hydrolat*, L. angustifolia (Lavender) hydrolat*, Eternal Rose Complex* (R. damascena (Rose) hydrolat*, P. capitatum (Rose Geranium) hydrolat*, R canina (Rosehip) hydrolat*, R. damascena (Rose) flower petal powder*), C. myrrha (Myrrh) hydrolat*, D. carota(Carrot) hydrolat^^, L-sodium hyaluronate, frequency enhanced water, vegetable glycerine, P. graveolens (rose geranium) extract*, Colloidal silver

* Organic
^^ Wilcrafted


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