Cell Perfecto PM (1 Oz.)


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YULI Cell Perfecto PM is an intensive, concentrated spot treatment which contains one of the most active formulations to dramatically treat hyperpigmentation and fade acne scars, melasma, sun spots and age spots.

While many acids, exfoliants and brighteners can be harsh and damaging to the skin,  this revolutionary serum heals skin from within using a blend of bioactives and oxygen-activated organic ingredients including Yuli's own sea mineral complex, gotu kola extract, plant-based peptides, Indian fig and sea buckthorn that are known to diminish dark spots, regenerate and repair scar tissue and increase wound healing

With regular use, skin regains healthy radiance, an even skintone and a smoother texture. Long term use heals and dramatically reduces noticeable scars and skin damage.

TO USE: Shake before using. Best if used at nighttime.

Bioregenerating Botanical Infusion (Botanical Glycosides, Sea Minerals Complex), S. chinensis (Jojoba) oil*, M. integrifolia (Macadamia) oil*, O. ficus-indica (Indian Fig) seed oil*, C. inophyllum (Tamanu) oil*, H. rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) oil*, A. uva-ursi (Bearberry) extract*, H. italicum (Helichrysum)* extract, G. glabra (Liquorice) extract*, C. asiatica (Gotu Kola) extract*, Renew Minerals Complex (Methysulfonylmethane (MSM)* Derived from Pine Lignin, Phytosterols derived from Flax), A. linearis (Rooibos) extract*, B. carterii (Frankincense) extract*, D. carota (Carrot) seed extract^^, G. lucidum (Reishi) extract*, L-arginine, L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), L-Gluconic Acid (Derived from Kombucha Tea Ferment)

* Organic
^^ Wildcrafted


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